By train from Munich to Bologna: My experiences with routes, stopovers, prices and booking

✓ You can travel from Munich to Bologna in just under 7 hours on the Eurocity train, which runs 3 times a day with no transfers. ✓ With a transfer in Munich, you can reach Bologna from any German train station. For example, the journey from Frankfurt takes 10.5 hours. ✓ There is also a daily night train from Munich to Bologna.✓ Tickets can be booked via (*) and from 49,90 EUR one-way.


I had the pleasure of visiting Bologna in the summer of 2023 during a stopover on a train journey to Rome. You can find my tips and experiences in this article.

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1. Connections and schedules by train from Munich to Bologna

Nonstop with the Eurocity train from Munich to Bologna

There are two daily Eurocity trains from Munich that take around 7 hours to Bologna.


The fantastic route leads over the Bavarian Alpine foothills and the Alps via South Tyrol to Emilia-Romagna.

You can easily book the tickets directly via (*) and (*).

  daily daily
Munich Hbf 09:34 13:34
Munich Ost 09:44 13:44
Rosenheim 10:13 14:13
Innsbruck 11:24 15:24
Verona arr: 14:58 arr: 18:58
Bologna Centrale arr: 16:19 arr: 20:16
View from the train from Munich to Bologna: Bavarian Alpine foothills
View from the train from Munich to Bologna: Bavarian Alpine foothills
View from the train from Munich to Bologna: South Tyrolian mountains
View from the train from Munich to Bologna: South Tyrolian mountains

Comfort, prices and booking

2.1. Comfort in the Eurocity train from Munich to Bologna

The Eurocity train to Bologna on its was through the alps
The Eurocity train to Bologna on its was through the alps

On the train route from Munich to Bologna you will be travelling in Eurocity trains, which are well maintained but relatively old with an almost nostalgic feel. Here you will find comfortable seats that make the journey easy to endure, but, for example, no WiFi and no on-board restaurant. However, there is a minibar service on board: the employees regularly go through the cars and sell drinks, fresh coffee and small snacks.


The second class consists mostly of open-plan carriages with four-person seats facing each other. There are also the classic 6-seater compartments in one car. In first class you will find both an open-plan car with 3 seats per row (two seats on one side of the aisle and one on the other) and a car with 5-person compartments. If you do want to specify wether to sit in an open-plan carriage or a compartement, you should choose to book via (*), since other booking sites do not offer that option on these trains.

2.2. Prices for the train from Munich to Bologna

The prices for train tickets from Germany to Bologna can vary greatly depending on the booking period. If you book early, you can get a one-way ticket from EUR 39.90. If you book at very short notice, prices can rise to up to EUR 89.90.

2.3. Booking the train from Munich to Bologna allows to specify your seat location on this route allows to specify your seat location on this route

While you can book your journey via the german railway company at (*), it is easiest and quickest to book via the international agencies (*) and (*). While prices on this route tend to be the same on both sites, my personal preference in this case is (*), for the simple reason that it allows to specify your seat location (see picture on the left) , meaning if you want to take an aisle or window seat and an open-plan seating or a compartment seating. Other sites do not give you that possibility on this route.

3. The night train from Munich to Bologna

Sleeper cabin in the nighttrain Nightjet © ÖBB/Harald Eisenberger
Sleeper cabin in the nighttrain Nightjet © ÖBB/Harald Eisenberger

The Nightjet from Munich is the only overnight train connection from Germany to Bologna. It departs daily at 8:09 PM and arrives in Rome the next morning at 5:38 AM. The Nightjet offers three comfort classes: sitting carriages, couchettes, and sleeper carriages. Groups of 3 or more people can book a private compartment for an additional fee. The prices for train tickets from Munich to Rome vary depending on the booking period. With early booking, you can travel for as low as 29.90 euros for a one-way journey.


In the sitting carriages, there is space for up to 6 people per compartment. In the couchettes, up to 6 people share a compartment with 6 beds. In the sleeper carriages, there are up to 3 people per compartment. In addition to a comfortable bed, you will also receive towels, a welcome bag, and an à-la-carte breakfast. Compartments are lockable, and for an extra fee, you can even book a Deluxe compartment with a private bathroom, including a toilet and shower. You can easily book the Nightjet through (*), (*) or the website of the austrian rail company Again, (*) is from my experience the site that makes choosing beetween the different comfort options.

4. Stopovers on the way from Munich to Bologna

As you can see, you can reach Bologna from Germany by train in one go - but you can also use the journey by train to explore areas that you would otherwise only fly over.

When traveling to Bologna, a stopover in Innsbruck or Verona is a good idea.

4.1. Stopover in Innsbruck

Innsbruck, with its enchanting old town and the fascinating Nordkette cable cars, offers a perfect stopover on the way to Bologna. The medieval old town impresses with the Golden Roof, the Hofburg and the city tower. The Nordkette cable cars take you from the city center to lofty heights of up to 2256 meters, where breathtaking views and hiking trails await you. The picturesque surroundings and diverse activities make Innsbruck an unforgettable stopover on your trip to Bologna. 


Step 1 of your trip: By train from Munich to Innsbruck:


Innsbruck is just a stone's throw from Munich by train: the Eurocity departs here 6 times a day in the direction of Bologna or Venice, which takes you directly to Innsbruck in just 1 hour and 44 minutes.


If you have some time and would like to enjoy the view, take the regional train (RB) instead of the fast Eurocity, which will be shown to you under the number RB6 and runs approximately every 2 hours at Munich main station - for example at 08:32 and 10:32. Here the route first leads over the plains of the Alpine foothills and then through the middle of the mountains over the Karwendel into Tyrol. Some of the connections require a change in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

You can book tickets directly via*) from €18.90


Step 2: Accommodations:

NALA Individualhotel (*): This centrally located boutique hotel features individually designed rooms, including oriental, cinema and Zen-themed rooms. Apartments with small kitchens are also available. Relaxation options can be found in the cozy garden, on the roof terrace, in an infrared cabin and in the relaxation room. The hotel is located in the Wilde district, about 800 meters from the main train station, and prices start from EUR 98 per night.

 aDLERS Hotel (****): This modern 4-star hotel is located in a high-rise building directly at the main train station. The wellness area, the restaurant on the upper floors and the roof terrace offer impressive views over the city and the surrounding mountains. Rooms can be booked from around EUR 131 per night.

Step 3: By train from Innsbruck to Bologna

From Bologna you can travel on to Bologna twice a day with the Eurocity in just under 5 hours without changing trains: either with a departure at 11:24 and arrival at 16:19 - or with a departure at 15:24 and arrival at 20:16.

This train is the same Eurocity that runs from Munich to Bologna - so you can find more details about the trains above. You can book tickets directly on (*).

4.2. A Stopover in Verona

Verona, a charming city with rich history and culture, is the perfect stopover on your train journey through Emilia-Romagna.

Verona offers a variety of sights and activities to suit every taste. These include historic sites such as the Arena di Verona, a Roman amphitheater now used for impressive opera performances, as well as the Casa di Giulietta, the house of Juliet from Shakespeare's famous tragedy.

The city also offers a wide range of cultural events, including opera performances, plays and concerts. Enjoy culinary delights such as the world-famous balsamic vinegar and fine local wines.

Verona exudes a romantic flair created by the picturesque old town and the surrounding landscape. A stopover in Verona gives you the opportunity to explore the city and experience its sights and unique culture up close.


Step 1 - by train from Munich to Verona:

There are five daily Eurocity trains from Munich that take around 5 hours and 10 minutes to Bologna. For example, you can start at Munich Central Station at 7:34 in the morning and arrive in Verona Puerta Nueva at 12:56. You can book tickets directly via (*).

Step 2 - Accommodation in Verona

The Sole Hotel Verona (*) is a modern, small three-star hotel located directly at Verona train station. The center can be easily reached on foot in just 20 minutes. You can book rooms from 127 euros on (*).


The Hotel Giulietta e Romeo (*) is a simple but good three-star hotel, perfectly located in the historic center of Verona. You can book rooms from 117 euros per night on (*).

Step 3 - Continue by train from Verona to Bologna:

From Verona it is just a stone's throw to Bologna: the journey takes around 1 hour and 40 minutes with regional trains - around 52 minutes with the Italo or Frecciarossa high-speed trains. You can easily book tickets via (*) from 10.30 euros per person.

5. My recommendation to stay in Bologna: Unahotels Bologna Center

During my stay in Bologna, I stayed at the Unahotel Bologna Centro(*) directly opposite the train station.

The 4-star hotel is perfectly located directly opposite the train station. The furnishings are modern, the rooms are large and bright and in the morning there is a varied breakfast, including regional products - if the weather is good you can also sit in the courtyard.


6. What to do in Bologna

I was lucky enough to get to know Bologna on a stopover on the way to Rome. The city is simply great and full of history and cuisine.


The landmark are the Due Torri, the two most famous of the medieval towers typical of Bologna. You can climb the larger of the two - the Torre degli Asinelli(*) - over 498 steps and have a great view of the entire city from the top. You can only book tickets for this online. If you book via (*) you will also receive 2 vouchers to try local specialties in Bologna.


The center of the old town is Piazza Maggiore with its city palaces and the San Petronio Cathedral. Directly on Piazza Maggiore is the city palace Palazzo d'Accursio with its clock tower Torre dell'Orologio. When I visited Bologna, I visited this clock tower instead of the Torre degli Asinelli and was amazed by the great view over the rooftops of Bologna and the Piazza Maggiore. Just a few hundred meters away from here you will also find the Basilica of Santo Stefano, a complex of several impressive Romanesque churches.


If you want to immerse yourself in Bologna's history, you can also do so on a guided walking tour with a local guide (*) - or on a city tour by bike (*).

You can also discover Bologna's culinary side on a guided foodie tour(*) through the city.


7. Further destinations by train from Bologna

Bologna is the ideal base to travel further south of Italy:

You can reach Rome from here several times an hour in just over 2 hours with the Frecciarossa and Italo high-speed trains. You'll find travel times, prices and tickets at (*)For more detailed information about traveling to Rome, check out this article.



You can reach Naples from Bologna about once an hour with a journey time of just under 4 hours. You'll find travel times, prices and tickets for this route on*). From Bologna you can also reach other destinations in northern Italy without changing trains, such as Venice (*) or Milan (*).