Munich to Nuremberg by train- my experience as a local: ICE high-speed train or regional express?

As a local living close to Munich I am very familiar with the train route between Munich and Nuremberg anc can tell you that both the ICE train and the regional express are viable options, depending on your budget in terms of money and time.

✓ The ICE train takes you from Munich Hbf to Nuremberg Hbf in roughly 1 hour - and there are several trains per hour departing ✓ The slower but cheaper Regional Express takes between 1h 46 min and 2h 6min - and departs once per hour. ✓ The Regional Express can be a more flexible option since tickets are always non-restricted, so you can take any Regional Express. Tickets for the ICE start at 17,90 Euro one way, but can go up to 73,60 Euro. (*) ✓ All tickets can be booked directly at the German train operator (*) ✓ If travelling by the ICE high speed train, (*) and (*) offer a goof overview of connections and prices.
If travelling by regional train, the Bayern-Ticket (*) might be your best choice.


In the article you will find all the information about journey and booking as well as some recommendations for hotels and activities in Nuremberg.

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overview of services between munich and nuremberg

Type of Service Travel Time Price one way Frequency
ICE High Speed Train (*) 1h 2min - 1h 9min between 17,90 and 73,60 Euro (*) Several trains per hour
Regional Train Regionalexpress 1h 46min - 2h 6 min

Regular price 46 Euro -

but Bayernticket can be used, e.g 29 Euro for 1 person or 69 Euros for 5.

One train per hour
Busservice by Flixbus 5h 19min Starting at 8,99 Euro a few connections per day

With high-speed train ICE from Munich to Nuremberg

The fastest way to get from Munich to Nuremberg is the German high speed train ICE. 
Since the route is used by most trains going north from Munich, you will find several departures per hour - at times with train even departing every 10 minutes.

The journey takes between 1h 2 min and 1h 9min - just enough to relax and enjoy the the landscape - or for a coffee and a snack at the Bord Bistor (Cafe Car).

Depending on your preferences, you can book directly at the operator (*) or via the sites (*) and (*).*) has the better possibilities to choose your seat - while and have the better overview to compare times and prices.

Comfort and travel classes on board the ice

Second class compartment on the ICE train
Second class compartment on the ICE train

Navigating the class and comfort options on Germany's InterCity Express (ICE) trains offers an insightful glimpse into the efficient and comfortable rail travel system, ideal for those new to the German rail network. The ICE provides two primary classes of service—first and second class—each with distinct amenities and seating arrangements to cater to diverse preferences and budgets.


Second Class features a 2-2 seating configuration, aligning comfort with efficiency. Passengers enjoy ample legroom, adjustable backrests, and a host of amenities including free Wi-Fi and power outlets at each seat, ensuring a pleasant journey across distances.


First Class elevates the experience with a 1-2 seating configuration, granting more space and privacy. Quieter carriages, additional legroom, and premium services such as complimentary newspapers characterize first-class travel. On select routes, at-seat meal service is offered, enhancing the luxury of the journey.


Both classes provide a mix of airline-style seating, ideal for solo travelers and pairs, and vis-à-vis seating, perfect for groups looking to engage or share the journey together.


Seat Reservations: Not mandatory but highly recommended, especially during peak travel times, seat reservations ensure a guaranteed spot. Without a reservation, passengers can choose any unreserved seat, identified by a lack of reservation notice on the display above the seat. Reservations cost 4.90 EUR in second class and are included in the price of a first-class ticket, offering peace of mind during busier periods.


Luggage Policy: The ICE trains boast a flexible luggage policy with no strict restrictions. Small items can be stored in overhead compartments similar to airplane storage, while personal items fit comfortably in the foot space. Each carriage contains several designated areas for larger luggage, accommodating the needs of travelers with more substantial baggage without additional fees.


The combination of modern amenities, efficient service, and thoughtful policies like seat reservations and generous luggage allowances make traveling on the ICE an appealing and stress-free experience for both seasoned and first-time rail travelers in Germany.

This video will give you a bit of an impression of the first class on the ICE:

Booking and Prices


You should definetly book tickets for the ICE in advance online (*), since prices for a one-way ticket can vary widely from 17,90 Euro up to 73,60. The most expensive tickets are non-restricted and can be used on any train during the selected day, while the cheaper tickets are restricted to a specific train (some of them can be rebooked to another train for a fee of 10 Euros, but it varies by the fare, so always check while booking).


Since i am living here and used to the system I do mostly book directly with the German train operator at (*). The advantage of booking here is that you easily choose your seats directly from the seating chart if you purchase an assigned seat. 
However, whenever i travel abroad i do prefer the two booking pages (*) and (*) - and I have to say that they feature a better overview of the avaible trains and fares - so these two sites are a good choice if you want to compare connections.

The regional train Regionalexpress from Munich to Nuremberg

Traveling between Munich and Nuremberg on Regional Express trains presents a practical and straightforward journey. These trains, characterized by their more frequent stops and slower pace compared to the high-speed ICE, are generally modern and offer a comfortable ride.

You can check the schedules and prices at (*). However, in order to view these conncections, you need to click on "mode of transportation" and select "local transport only" in the search mask. Otherwise, you will only be shown the ICE trains. If you are travelling after 9 a.m., the Bayernticket will most likely be the best deal for you (*) .


On these trains, seating is unreserved, giving passengers the flexibility to sit in any available seat. This non-restricted ticket policy allows for ease of travel without the need to book a specific seat in advance.


The comfort level across Regional Express trains can vary, but the route from Munich to Nuremberg benefits from the use of modern, double-decker trains. These trains are equipped with light, spacious cabins, and most seats have access to electric plugs, making it easier for passengers to keep their devices charged. Additionally, there are designated multi-purpose compartments that provide ample space for luggage, bikes, and strollers, accommodating the varied needs of travelers.


This combination of modern amenities and the non-restricted, flexible seating arrangement makes the Regional Express a practical choice for those traveling from Munich to Nuremberg, whether for daily commutes or leisurely visits.


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The Bayernticket offers a cost-effective and flexible way (*) to explore Bavaria by rail, including the journey on Regional Express trains (not on long-distance trains like the ICE!) between Munich and Nuremberg. Valid from 9:00 am to 3:00 am the following day on your chosen travel day, and from midnight on weekends, public holidays (including Assumption Day), as well as on December 24 and December 31, it extends the opportunity for extensive travel throughout the day and into the night.


This regional day ticket allows for unlimited travel across Bavaria on all local and regional trains, including DB's RE and RB trains, transport association services like the S-Bahn, underground, trams, and buses, as well as almost all scheduled bus services within Bavaria. Some services in neighboring states and Austria are also included, making it an ideal choice for those looking to explore beyond Bavaria's borders. You can purchase the ticket directly at (*).


Priced at 29 Euros for one person, with an additional charge of 10 Euros for every extra person in the group (up to five people), the Bayernticket is not only economical for solo travelers but also offers great value for groups or families. Children aged between 6 and 14 travel for free, up to three per group, further enhancing its appeal for family day trips or group excursions.


It's important to note, however, that the Bayernticket is not valid for travel on long-distance trains such as the ICE or IC. Despite this limitation, its broad acceptance across a wide range of local and regional public transport options makes it an excellent choice for travelers looking to explore the richness of Bavaria at an affordable price.

The links marked with an asterisk (*) are so-called affiliate links. If you click on such an affiliate link and make a booking or purchase via this link, I will receive a small commission from the provider concerned. The price does not change for you.

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